Flourish and Grow

A Decision has to be made…

Will she decide to see her shadow or nothing at all?

Cloudy has decided to take on the roll of: “Resident Botanist/ Gardener.”


She has managed to regrow our Ti leaf into a beautiful Bonsai. (I will try and find pictures of before) Her nightly routine consists of chewing a little until we notice. RASCLE!!!


She wold chew it all if it was up to her but In reality she’s made it flourish and grow. Thank you Cloudy for being amazing!!!

Cloudy little angle….

She’s so sweet… 

She’s the sweetest little girl, in the whole wide world…

Cloudy girl….

(she’s really naughty! lol…)

Did the groundhog see her shadow? I will let you know she’s still sleeping!