Flourish and Grow

A Decision has to be made…

Will she decide to see her shadow or nothing at all?

Cloudy has decided to take on the roll of: “Resident Botanist/ Gardener.”


She has managed to regrow our Ti leaf into a beautiful Bonsai. (I will try and find pictures of before) Her nightly routine consists of chewing a little until we notice. RASCLE!!!


She wold chew it all if it was up to her but In reality she’s made it flourish and grow. Thank you Cloudy for being amazing!!!

Cloudy little angle….

She’s so sweet… 

She’s the sweetest little girl, in the whole wide world…

Cloudy girl….

(she’s really naughty! lol…)

Did the groundhog see her shadow? I will let you know she’s still sleeping!

Moon Chosen: Digital to Physical

We’ve been going back and forth from the idea of digital to physical in all aspects of life

Do you think we need to take our eyes off of a screen and into the real world?

Today’s Vibe: Moon Chosen. It took a while to decided what book to buy BUT you can’t go wrong with the author of  THE HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES!!!! (I haven’t finished yet!)


There’s nothing like a physical book to hold, read and bend. 

First 3 chapters are a little confusing but I’m sure it will come together soon. Gotta admit I’m little excited… this book opens up to the first full moon of spring. Isn’t that today?

Will the groundhog see her shadow or choose not to?

Have you read any of these books?

So many questions…. I will keep you posted!

Nesting Time

What is an “Egg in the nest” You ask!? Well… it’s the finest breakfast of them all!…. It consists of Egg, Bread, Portuguese Sausage and butter…  Mmmm… buttttteer!!! Yes I said it… butter….


True magic: The smell of butter and coffee in the morning….

You make the best Eggs!

I haven’t met an egg that I didn’t like since you’ve been cooking!!!

Just as long as you’re cooking them… Thats how I like them!!! (….Have you watched “Run-away Bride”?…) 

Read on to see what we are doing today!

Good for me

Good Morning Sunshine’s,

There is nothing more glorious in the world then a rainy day. Especially on a day you don’t have to go into the office. (I will tell you about that a little later.)

As for now lets just bask in the vibes of a rainy tropical morning in paradise.

Our Backyard:


Far beyond the eye could see laid a donkey sleeping in the trees. 

These type of morning calls for a good “Egg in the nest”, a book and rest!!!

Read on to see what:We are Eating: Reading: &More:


Do you chose life or your purse?

A Homeless Russian woman once asked us…

Do you chose to give me your life or your purse?

-Aunty Tatiana

Today is the 3rd day of being sick and you know what that means?!… Doctors day!!! In reality the best doctor for sickness is our bed, warm soup and sleep… In the corporate wold, its a visit to the pharmacy and our bank….

However, after yesterday I was so thankful for both.

It started off as a standard phone call to my Doctor. Once on the phone the man said something to the effect of “The nurse doesn’t want to see anyone with your symptoms… due to the Flu! I’ll have a Registered Nurse call you back” WHAT?!?!?!

The Nurse called back, deemed me suitable to see a DR. as long as I wore a mask… CRAZY RIGHT?!?!.. At this point I’m getting worried!!!! I start panic-researching “The Flu” Did you know people are dying from this virus -even with the flu shot?!?! Just in Hawaii alone for 2018: 37 deaths… In HAWAII!!! WHAT!!!??

Got to my appointment and was quickly escorted into a back room, …with my mask, AND to sit alone with dusty storage items… The nurse told me it was the “designated flu area” omg… this is SERIOUS!!!


As I waited I thought of all the possible outcomes… What if I die am I ready? What if I’ve already spread this virus? Am I accountable? 15 minutes later… After being poked and probed. I was told the results are: I’m Flu Negative!!! Yay… But now I might have Strep?!?! AHHHHH!

Please take care of your health!

I guess today Aunty Tatiana you almost got both.